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Pro Tech will listen carefully to your overhaul objectives and tailor our offering to meet your goals—whether it is to replace in kind, “zero hour,” longer life, more output, better efficiency, lower emissions, least cost—it is up to you.

Service Capabilities

  • Zero Time Overhauls
  • Continued Time Overhauls
  • Turbine, Compressor and Combustion Module Repairs
  • Rotor Balancing
  • Component Repairs
  • Turbine Performance Testing on our Load Test Facility

New Services

  • Speed Sensing Valve Overhaul and Test
  • KC Mechanical Bleed Valve and CIT Tach Overhaul and Test
  • Accessory Gearbox, Main Pump, Scavenge Pump and Starter Gearbox repair, overhaul and exchange
  • Combustor repairs


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Overhauled Turbine Module

Overhauled Turbine Module

LE2 Liners

LE 2 Liners





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